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Professional Multi-Platform Game Development, Game Porting and Technical Consulting Services

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Any Game - Any Hardware

T.E.A can deliver any game on any platform. T.E.A have experience on a wide array of titles from indie releases to AAA titles that have been delivered on all of the major platform holders.


PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Vive, Oculus, Apple, Android and Linux platforms.


T.E.A as a porting company, possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the technical and logical problems that are often faced when moving a title from one platform to another.

We strive to use innovative solutions to solve problems in a time effective manner without compromising the user experience. T.E.A’s diverse skills set and trusted network of contractors allows for multiple styles of project development with flexible working patterns, to fit any timeline or project scope on any platform.

T.E.A have worked on full console to PC conversions for SEGA where we were able to deliver the project well before its scheduled release date.

Often T.E.A. is able to offer and deliver a solution to porting a title when other developers would consider the task insurmountable, such as unverified or incomplete code archives.

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Our bread and butter is game development and we have extensive experience developing titles from concept to production. We are able to assist technically or in a managerial role to assist or run any sized project. Our members have worked on and managed some of the largest game franchises in the world. We use the wealth of experience from these titles and bring them to your game.

We are based in Brisbane; Australia and we have a fluid work schedule that can overlap with any studio and timezone in the world, we have proven that seamless co-development can take place at a global range.


Our team have held multiple Technical lead roles in a variety of project sizes and budgets, and are able to assist in guiding your technology to realise your vision.

This ranges all the way from consultation and advise, to hands on development, optimisation or refactoring of key architectural systems.

Advice and assistance can be given for the final product, and more often overlooked, your internal workflows to maximise your teams productivity.

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